(@ReceiveSMSRobot) Temp mobile number telegram bot 2024

Here below Temp mobile number Telegram

  • t.me/ReceiveSMSRobot

When you have to sign up on any website or app, you are asked for your phone number for OTP, but now there is no need to give your phone number. I have given above a bot, with the help of which you will get a temporary number.

With this, you can use the number given in this bot to sign up for any website or app and use its OTP. The most special features about this bot is that it is completely free.

What is temp mobile number telegram bot?

this Telegram bots allow users to receive SMS from several services, such as Facebook, Gmail, and Tinder, by providing them with temporary mobile numbers. Call binding and one-click registration are supported by these bots.

AnonymSMS2, Online-SMS3, and quackr4 are further solutions that offer Telegram users fictitious phone numbers.

How to use temp mobile number Telegram bot

If you want to know how to use this bot, I have given steps on how to use it here below.


To access this bot, first open your Telegram app.

Then type in the search bar given above and search there “@ReceiveSMSRobot”

Temp number telegram bot


Then start this bot by clicking on a start button.

As soon as you click on the start button, it will be ready to provide the temporary mobile number.

Temporary mobile number telegram bot

Then click on the latest number.


SMS receive telegram bot

Then many countries will appear in front of you. Click on the number of any country you want. I want India’s number right now, so I am clicking on India country right now.


SMS telegram bot

As soon as you click, a temporary number will appear in front of you. If you enter this number, then you will get its OTP in this Telegram bot.


If you want to sign up on any website or app without giving your phone number, then this Telegram bot is just for you. You must use this bot because it is going to be very useful for you.

You can use any of the Telegram bot links I have given above. All bots are free, and from here you can get a temporary number and take otp.

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