20+ Best MPSC telegram channel & Group Link 2024

If you’re studying for the MPSC exam, joining MPSC Telegram channels can really help.

You must know that the MPSC is a level 1 civil service exam that is held every year. And the exams are very difficult and challenging. And to pass this exam, you have to study a lot. To help you pass this exam, we have brought you this channel.

In this channel, you will get notes on every subject, which will help you pass the MPSC exam

Mpsc telegram channel




In this article, I am sharing the MPSC Telegram channel.

Best Mpsc telegram channel & group

Here are some of the most popular Telegram channels & group of MPSC.

1. Agri/Forest MPSC

This channel provides information and resources for candidates who are preparing for the MPSC Agriculture and Forest Service exams.

2. Byju’s MPSC

This channel is run by Byju’s, a popular online learning platform. The channel provides access to video lectures, practice questions, and other resources that can help candidates prepare for the MPSC exam.

3. MPSC Champion’s

This channel is run by a group of MPSC toppers. The channel share tips and tricks on how to prepare for the MPSC exam, as well as access to previous year question papers and other resources.

4. MPSC Official

This is the official channel of MPSC, share a wide range of information, including news, updates, and tips and tricks.

5. MPSC Community

Join this channel to connect with a community of MPSC candidates. Here, you can find study partners, seek guidance, and actively contribute your own insights.

6. MPSC Study Group

This channel is a community of MPSC candidates who can help each other with their studies.

20+ Best MPSC telegram channel link

We know that you want to pass the MPSC exam, so here in this post, I have brought you this telegram channel. In which you will get a note of every subject of the MPSC exam.

After joining this channel, you will get a lot of help in preparing for the MPSC exam.

The link to this Telegram channel is given below.

Channel Name Link
official_mpsc Join now
Lucents_Mpsc Join now
mpsc_gk Join now
MPSC_Notes Join now
MPSCN Join now
eMPSCkatta Join now
mpscmaterial Join now
MPSC_ExamOriented Join now
MpscMantra Join now
agri_mpsc Join now
ByjusExamPrepMPSC Join now
MPSC Champion’s Join now
mpscsimplified Join now
MPSCmaths Join now
MPSCAlerts Join now

MPSC Telegram Group Link

Here given, Best MPSC Telegram Group Link.

Group Name Link
mpscstudentvoice_group Join now
mpscgroup1526 Join now
warriorofficerpsi Join now
mpscstudygroup1 Join now
upsc_ssc_railway_gk Join now

Benefits of joining Mpsc telegram channel

Joining this telegram channel comes with numerous benefits that can greatly aid your exam preparation.

1. Latest News and Updates

This channels provide timely information on exam-related news, including exam dates, syllabus updates, and previous year question papers. Staying up-to-date with these crucial details ensures you never miss out on important information.

2. Tips and Tricks

Many channels offer valuable tips and tricks to enhance your MPSC exam preparation. These insights can provide you with new strategies and improve your overall skills, giving you an edge during the exam.

3. Community Support

You can connect with like-minded candidates in a supportive environment by joining a this channel. Finding study partners, getting help with exam-related questions, and sharing your own knowledge and experiences are all made possible by this community.

4. Motivation

Being surrounded by fellow candidates who are also preparing for the MPSC exam can serve as a tremendous source of motivation. Interacting with others who share similar goals can help you stay focused and determined throughout your study journey.


We hope you enjoy this article on the MPSC Telegram channel.

If you want to pass the MPSC exam, then it is very important for you to join this channel. So definitely join the Telegram channel given in this post; it will benefit you a lot.

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