10 Best Truecaller Telegram Bot 2024

Here I have brought for you a bot that can be used to find phone numbers on Truecaller through Telegram. Here below are some Truecaller telegram bots that are the best:

  • t.me/XTZ_TruecallerBot
  • t.me/RespawnRobot
  • t.me/Truecallerv2bot
  • t.me/TruecallerR0Bot
  • t.me/Truecallerv2bot
  • t.me/Truecaller_unofficial_bot
  • t.me/Truecaller_bot
  • t.me/TrueCaller_Z_Bot
  • t.me/Truecallerv2_bot
  • t.me/Truecaller_search_bot

1. @Truecallerv2Bot: This bot is free, straightforward, and focused on number identification.

2. @XTZ_TruecallerBot: This bot, aims to provide a truecaller-like service directly within Telegram. It helps users find phone numbers and retrieve information about them, such as their name and location.
This telegram bot remains connected to the TrueCaller app. Truecaller is a popular app that helps identify unknown phone numbers.

3.  @RespawnRobot: This bot not only provides information about unknown phone numbers but also allows you to add tags and notes to contacts, create groups, and even block spam calls.
This is a more comprehensive tool than @Truecallerv2Bot.

4. XTZ_TruecallerBot:  This bot provides information about the owner’s name, their address, and their social media profiles, including phone numbers. This is a great tool for researching people and businesses.

 5. Truecallerv2bot: This bot ability to share information about the phone number owner name, their address, and their email-id. This is a great tool for researching people and businesses.

Best Truecaller Bot Telegram Link


Truecaller Bot Join

How to use Truecaller telegram bot?

Here we will learn how to join this bot and how to check unknown number using it.


Open telegram app and copy the bot name ” I have given above” and search on telegram.

How to use truecaller telegram bot


Start the bot by clicking on the “start” button.

truecaller telegram bot link


Click on the login button.


Enter your mobile phone number with country code for bot login.

Then an OTP will be sent to your number, and by entering the OTP, you will be logged into the bot.

How to use truecaller telegram bot

Note: You must enter the same number with which you have a WhatsApp account; otherwise, the OTP will not come.


After logging in to this bot, you can check an unknown number by clicking on a new search and entering any number with a country code. This bot will give you information about any number in Truecaller’s database.

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1. Identify Unknown Numbers

Even for unknown callers that get through, Truecaller matches phone numbers against public records to reveal caller names, locations, and other profile details to support more informed screening.

2. Spam Call and SMS Filtering

The bot helps identify and block spam calls and text messages, saving users time and nuisance. It references an evolving database of known spam numbers to automatically flag risks.

3. Reverse Lookup Capability

Users can also perform reverse phone number lookups by entering just a name to retrieve detailed contact information stored in Truecaller’s database.

4. Block Numbers with Ease

The bot interface makes it simple for users to instantly block any numbers that are identified as fraudulent or simply unwanted. This prevents repeat interruptions.


We hope that you will not have faced any problems in joining the Truecaller telegram bot. If you are facing any problem joining it, then you can comment on me, and I will definitely give your reply.

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