(find partner) Use Flirtu Bot Telegram

If you are thinking of making friends online, then you can use the Flirtu Telegram bot.

  • t.me/Flirtu_bot

Flirtu Bot telegram Link

How to use Flirtu telegram bot

After knowing about this bot, you must be feeling like using it, then just follow the steps given below.


To use this bot, download Telegram on your phone and register it. If you already have the Telegram app, open Telegram.


Then search “Flirtu Bot” by clicking on search.

Click on the one that appears in the first result.

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Click on “Start” to start this bot.

Then click on the language in which you want to use this bot.

Then click on whatever gender you are.

Write the name of the city where you live.

Then the names of the cities will be shown; click on your city.


If you are a boy, then photos of girls will appear in front of you. If you like it, click on the heart; if you don’t like it, click on the cross.


Then you have to create your profile in flirtu telegram bot.

Whatever age you are, enter your age here.

Then put your photo here.

Then, click the Continue button.


We hope that you read this post completely.

So you must be taking advantage of this bot. If you are facing any problems using this bot, So do write me in the comment below, and I will answer it.

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