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You are looking for a Zodier Telegram bot and want to know how to use it. So you must read this post completely because, through this post, I will give the link to the bot.

  • t.me/zodier_bot

In today’s world, everyone is looking for their online partner, but finding your partner is not that easy. Don’t worry, because we are with you. We have brought you a Telegram bot that will help you find your partner.

If you want to join this Telegram bot and use it, then stay with this post till the end.

What is zodier bot telegram?

Zodier bot was created specifically for use on the Telegram messaging app.

On its website, the bot claim to be an artificial intelligence-powered tool that gives users advice on flirting strategies conversation starters, and pickup lines to help them become better at dating.

Zodier bot telegram Link

How to use Zodier bot telegram?

If you are also finding for your partner, then this bot is for you only. This is such a bot, through which you can find your favorite partner and chat with him.

We know that you also want to find your partner and chat with them, so you can use this bot.

But if you do not know how to use this bot then it does not matter because here we will know how you can join the bot and how you can use this bot.


To use this bot, first of all, you have to download the Telegram app on your phone and then login to it.

If you already have the Telegram app installed on your phone, then no problem, just open the Telegram app.


Then you have to search “zodier bot” by clicking on the search button.

Click on the first result.


Click on “start” to start the bot.

Then choose the language in which you want to use this bot.

Then this bot will ask you your name, and you can type your name into it. Then it will ask you your gender, and you can choose your gender.

Then this bot will ask you for your city, and you can type the name of the city where you live.

It will show your address; if this is your address, then click yes.

Then it will ask you for your date of birth, so type your date of birth here.


Then it will ask you to write something about you in three words, and you can also write or skip.

Then, here, you have to upload your profile photo.


Girl/boy profile will be shown in front of you if you want to chat with with then click on like, if you don’t like then click on dislike.

If you are liked from there also then you can chat.



We hope you have no problem joining and using this bot.

We hope you have liked this bot and this post. If you like this post, then share it with all your friends who want to find their partner.

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